Candle Holder

Does anyone have candle holders just hanging around?

I don’t. But goodwill did ! After stalking seeing a lot of different crafts during Christmas using candle holders, I just had to start a collection of my own. So one day during one of my trips to Goodwill I stumbled over this. Cute. But a different color?

I think I’m addicted to Rustoleum spraypaint. I was itching to see how the metallic came out.

Very surprised to see the out come of this Rusteleum project.

Wanted the silver look and I totally got it. I put 2 coats on, and let it dry over night and now have a classic SHINY look. I can see my reflection from paint that came out of a spray paint can! I looooooooove it !!! Now go and get your self a bottle and re-do your entire home. LOL.



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The Brass Elephant

(look at him in the WILD)

3 years ago I was in Japan, digging through one of their amazing thrift stores with a best friend. Waiting for me covered in dirt was this precious elephant. Though I found it so cute, everyone else seemed to hate it *cough my husband. So for the past 3 years he has been hanging out in whatever spare space we have had during our many moves. His favorite place seems to be the guest bathroom.

(Perfect model)

Today I decided he needed to come out of hiding and get a makeover.

With a can of rustoleum hammered bronze leftover from my NOEL project, I became this little elephants stylist.

Now he looks like a REAL elephant. With a modern updated look!

My husband came home and saw my little elephant and asked what happened. I said “You hated it, so I gave him a makeover!”, he replies “Yeah, but that was so you.” I was actually surprised to hear him say that, cause its true, the décor on the elephant was my look, I’m surprised he noticed.
So now little Elephant has a great view in my kitchen….


Maybe during one of my thrifting outings I can find a baby elephant to pair him up with. What do you think?


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Kitchen Subway Art

After the little ones passed out yesterday afternoon, I snuck out to the living to start on a project. I had told myself that not until I was done with ALL the cleaning would I let myself start something. But after an incident where my son destroyed a room I had just organized, well I thought I deserved to zone out with a craft.
Knowing that I had about 3 hours I went to work. On Monday I had purchased a canvas which was on sale at Beverlys. I knew in my mind that I had wanted something to fill the “hole” of my kitchen I decided I would jump onto the “subway art” band wagon.

Items Needed:

  • 16×20 Canvas
  • Vinyl (white)
  • silhouette
  • Rust-Oelum Leafy Green Spray Paint

So out came the wonderful Silhouette (out? That thing seems to have permanent residence on my kitchen table). Since the kitchen was my theme,I started to think of words that reminded me of kitchen! Thanks to all my wonderful friends on facebook, I was able to get just the right amount of words in to fill up the canvas  Decided to print out all the words and stick them to my canvas, then spray paint over them.

I spent a good deal of time looking for the PERFECT font. I looked around at other pieces of bloggers had done, and still couldn’t find what I wanted. I ended up just digging through what I had on my computer and settled on COPPERPLATE GOTHIC BOLD.

Now in the midst of printing out the words onto vinyl I realized that this was a time consuming project with all the printing, cutting, transfer paper… well I was going a tad crazy. Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo a great idea here WITHOUT using vinyl. But all in all I really think that you need an afternoon to finish it.

Took some time into the detail of placement of the words. Near the end I was randomly printing out words to fit the exact size I needed. *Apparently I didn’t go into this project with to much planning.

After all was placed I needed to decide on a color. So I whipped out my box of “oops” paint from Home Depot *All priced at $0.50 a piece, I cant ever leave Home Depot with 2 in my hand.
My first thought was to make an amazing painting, using multiple colors, making it edgy. Yeah, I dropped that dream, the colors I had weren’t floating my boat.
After the hubs came home, I had him be my final decision, and it came down to the fact I just didn’t have the color I needed. Road trip to Home Depot!
Well road trip by MYSELF, and I came back with THIS:

The perfect green for a modern look in my kitchen.
So I set up camp on my porch and applied 2 layers.

Using the spray paint was a perfect choice for a smooth finish. Plus the wait time is a matter of minutes, and I really wanted to be done with the project.

After making sure it was completely dry, I broke out the tweezers & exacto knife, and the hubs and I “cuddled” while picking off vinyl☺ Ok, we didn’t cuddle, but it was one on one time as we “picked” our way through this project.

There are A LOT of letters. But they all came off very easily, and there really wasn’t any bleeding through of paint. NICE.

Viola. Gorgeous.

I’m thinking it looks pretty classy, and I’m satisfied with my first “subway art” project.

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Smock Pinafore

I cried.
Yep, after attaching the skirt to the bodice of this cute little smock, tears came from my eyes.
It’s beautiful! So grateful that I have the ability to make something like this.
I can be amazed cant I?
It was a rather simple pattern. After ripping the seams about 4 times, sewing pieces to the wrong side, or just cutting out the pieces incorrectly.
Sigh. Though the pictures were taken before I completed the “finishing” touches, I’m impressed with my days work.
The pattern came from the One Yard Wonders book. Which I have to say for a beginner this book is amazing. Defined all terms, patterns are included and not one step is left out.
Well steps can SEEM left out, if you are like me and not read complete sentences which leave you with an awkward shaped bodice, then you reread and realize that you missed a crucial step.
After cursing my self, chomping down chocolate truffles I say to my say “learning steps” and move on.

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